The Barn - Original Motion Picture Score Test Press

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The Barn Original Motion Picture Score by Rocky Gray
LNRS005LP Standard Test Pressing

This is the limited standard test pressing version, these are extras beyond what was made for the IndieGoGo Campaign. These are Artist Proof copies and are numbered as such 1 AP, 2 AP etc. 

If ordered individually, the test pressing edition will ship right away, unless ordered with pre-order items it will be held until all items are ready.

Standard Test Pressing - has a unique one color screen printed cover on French Construction Paper and is derived from the original artwork by Sadist Art Designs

Both include:

- TP Insert sheet with liner notes by director Justin Seaman
- Blank black labels on black vinyl with stamped inner sleeve
- TP signature card signed by Rocky Gray 
- Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
- Includes digital download card

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Track Listing

1. Nevermore Production Films Intro
2. Wheary Falls
3. Main Titles
4. Haunted House
5. Lovecraftian
6. Grody to the Max
7. I Donít Believe
8. Backseat Lover
9. Hallowed Jack
10. Meat Grinder
11. Corn Maze

1. Miner Threat
2. The Candycorn Scarecrow
3. Seduction
4. The Boogeyman
5. Back to Hell
6. Tricked the Treat
7. End Titles

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