Repeated Viewing - Frozen Existence LP

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Repeated Viewing : Frozen Existence

Since 2009, Alan Sinclair’s Repeated Viewing project has produced a series of soundtracks for imagined films and beyond. Following his long running involvement in Scotland’s noise and experimental scene, Sinclair has now swapped drones and feedback for melody and structure. More recently the imagined films have become reality with Repeated Viewing providing soundtracks for Daire McNab’s “The Three Sisters” and Play4films debut short, "Art Imitates" as well as contributing tracks to Astron 6's "The Editor". 

RV’s latest offering, Frozen Existence, was recorded in 2011 but is finally getting the intended vinyl release after a series of unfortunate events.  The amazing cover artwork illustrated by Adam Burke is complemented by the design styling of Eric Adrian Lee. A full color insert of the cover artwork is included.

- Design by Eric Adrian Lee
- Artwork by Adam Burke
- Full color 11x11 cardstock print insert of cover artwork

Digitial download is not included. exclusive vinyl colorway: 
Clear with Black Swirl  (Please note colored vinyl adds surface noise, oft times appropriate/enhancing the ambient parts of the recording. enjoy responsibly.)

Standard black vinyl can be ordered through Light In The Attic.
Stores get in touch with LITA for wholesale. 

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Track Listing (Each side is one continuous track.)
Side A (21:43):
Opening Credits
Here Forevermore
A Legend
Cellar Heat
Investigation Part 1
Investigation Part 2

Side B (21:29):
Hope Unknown
Love After Midnight
The Circle Remains Unbroken
Clifftop Procession
End Titles (Frozen Existence)

Link to sound samples: