Rocktober Blood - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack September 07, 2016 13:06


Rocktober Blood - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Catalog #: LNRS010 
Formats: LP/CD/CS

Preorder date: Thursday 09/08/2016 1 PM EST
In store date: 09/23/2016

Lunaris Records is proud to present the original motion picture soundtrack for the 1984 heavy metal exploitation slasher horror film Rocktober Blood.

Available for the first time ever on CD/Cassette and reissued on vinyl for the first time since the original limited edition vinyl was released by SIR Records in 1984, which still demands top dollar from soundtrack and heavy metal aficionados worldwide. The film itself stars Tray Loren, Donna Scoggins, Nigel Benjamin and features members of the Los Angeles-based band Sorcery as the band Headmistress. Four tracks on the soundtrack were recorded by members of the band Sorcery and featured Nigel Benjamin (former vocalist for Mott The Hoople & London) as the singer on three of the stand out tracks.

Release Notes
- Remastered from original source materials provided by the film's original producers, The Sebastians.
- Includes replica poster insert of the original two sided promotional poster

Available in the following editions:

Rocktober Blood - OST Test Press Vinyl - $45
- Standard weight black vinyl test pressings with hand stamped labels.
- Includes standard vinyl jacket and poster insert
- Alternate cover artwork #1 featuring two colors (black and silver ink) screen printed on red French paper
- Obi strip
- #'d edition of 30

Rocktober Blood - OST  (Splutter vinyl) - $40
- Standard weight Transparent Red vinyl with black splatter (hand made vinyl)
- Alternate cover artwork #2 featuring two colors (black and red ink) screen printed on white French paper
- Includes standard vinyl jacket and insert
- #'d edition of 50

Rocktober Blood - OST (Grey Marbled vinyl) - $25
- Exclusive Lunaris Records color vinyl mailorder version (grey marbled vinyl)
- Standard weight vinyl
- Standard vinyl jacket and insert

Rocktober Blood - OST (Black vinyl) - $23
- Black vinyl is exclusive to Light In The Attic, One Way Static (Europe), and finer retail stores.
- Standard weight vinyl
- Standard vinyl jacket and insert


Rocktober Blood - OST Limited Edition Clam Shell Case Cassette - $15
- #'d edition of 30
- Exclusive clear red cassette shell with white imprint
- Our clam shell cassette editions are shipped unassembled. The cassette itself will come sealed in the original clear norelco box.

Rocktober Blood - OST Cassette - $9
- Classic clear cassette shell with white imprint


Rocktober Blood - CD -  $12
- CD includes 4 panel layout with clear case and color inlay
- Full color factory imprinted disc

Track Listing
1. I'm Back
2. Rainbow Eyes
3. Killer On The Loose
4. kcaB m'I
5. Watching You
6. Watch Me Rock
7. Touch Me
8. High School Boys
9. Can't Kill Rock and Roll
10. Soul Searcher

(The vinyl edition includes a message from hell!)

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