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Night Of The Demons – Original Motion Picture SoundtrackComposed by Dennis Michael Tenney Preorders will begin on Tuesday 8/18 1PM EST on my website, LITA, and in Europe via One Way Static. Expected street date is 9/18. Track listing (same on all formats) 01 Night of the Demons Theme02 Suzie Hides the Lipstick03 The Burn04 Henry Jogs05 Judy Runs06 Roger Runs for the Car07 Suzie Strips08 Helen Eats the Windshield09 The Cue From Hell10 Computer Date11 Victims of the Press12 The Beast Inside13 Hull House 10114 Check This Out/Be A Man!15 The Séance/Coming From the Basement16 The Possession Suite17 Tall...

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